The Collection of Stone Monuments

Conceived by: Lada Prister; Mirko Valentić
Year: 2002

Price: 105.00 kn

Balkan and Oriental Rifles with Accessories : from the Croatian History Museum Arms and Armoury Collection

Conceived by: Janko Jeličić
Year: 2001

Price: 105.00 kn

The Events of 1848-1849 on Graphic Sheets

Conceived by: Marina Bregovac Pisk
Year: 2000

Price: 73.00 kn

Cold Steel Hunting Weapons from the Croatian History Museum

Conceived by: Dora Bošković
Year: 2000

Price: 63.00 kn

A Century of Change

Year: 2000

Price: 157.00 kn

Estates and Castles of the Zrinski and Frankopan Families

Year: 1999

Price: 20.00 kn

The Images of Peace - “Croatia Rediviva” and the 1699 Carlowitz Peace Treaty

Conceived by: Dubravka Peić Čaldarović
Year: 1999

Price: 42.00 kn

Our Museum: Anthology of Works

Year: 1998

The Year 1848 in Croatia

Year: 1998

Price: 105.00 kn

Ecclesiastical Textiles from the Croatian History Museum

Conceived by: Snježana Pavičić
Year: 1998

Price: 53.00 kn

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