Museum staff


Matea Brstilo RešetarDirector

Martina Herceg, Secretary – Chief of General and Legal Affairs

Anita Štefančić, Chief of Accounting and Bookkeeping

Dragica Dragovac, Cashier/Information Desk Attendant

Sandra Harmina Hosta, Publication Administrator



Mislav Barić, Curator
Flag and Streamer Collection and Uniform Collection


Petra Braun, Curator
Collection of Decorations, Plaques, Medals and Badges

Marina Bregovac Pisk, Ph.D., Museum Advisor
Collection of Paintings, Prints and Sculptures

Matea Brstilo Rešetar, Senior Curator
Heraldry and Sphragistic Collection

Kristian Gotić, Senior Curator
Collection of Stone Monuments, Numismatic Collection and Archaeology Collection

Nikolina Mađar, Curator
Documentary Collection  I

Nataša Mataušić, Museum Advisor
Collection of Photographs, Films and Negative 

Ivica Nevešćanin, Senior Curator
Collection of Photographs, Films and Negative

Snježana Pavičić, M.A., Museum Advisor
Collection of Religious Artefacts  and Twentieth Century Art Collection

Dubravka Peić Čaldarović, Ph.D., Museum Advisor
Documentary Collection

Iva Katarina Pugelnik, Curator
Map Collection

Nikola Seiwerth, Curator
Collection of Photographs, Films and Negative

Andreja Smetko, Senior Curator
Collection of Objects from Everyday Life


Jelena Hotko, Senior Museum Educator

Education Department

Jelena Balog Vojak, Senior Documentation Expert
Information and Documentation Department

Ana Filep, Senior Curator
Information and Documentation Department

Maja Mladinov, Librarian

Zdenka Šinkić, Senior IT Specialist
Information and Documentation Department

Ivana Asić, Photographer
Information and Documentation Department 


Mirana Jušić, Senior Preparation Technician

Ivo Margaretić, Preparation Technician

Ozren Solić, Senior Preparation Technician


Ivica Tarle, Chief of Technical Staff
Tomislav Degmečić, Doorman
Zdenka Fabac, Security Guard
Đurđica Horvat, Janitor
Blaženka Šipić, Janitor

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