Varvaria / Breberium / Bribir: Historical Layers Revealed

Conceived by: Kristian Gotić, Nikolina Mađar, dr. sc. Nikolina Uroda, dr. sc. Ante Milošević
Year: 2019

Price: 180.00 kn

Ready, aim, fire!

Conceived by: Dora Bošković
Year: 2018

Price: 180.00 kn

1918 – A Turning Point for Croatia

Conceived by: Andreja Smetko
Year: 2018

Price: 115.00 kn

Who's shootin' over there?

Conceived by: Rhea Ivanuš, Petra Braun
Year: 2017

Price: 15.00 kn

Unreachable Heritage – Secrets of the Croatian History Museum´s depots

Conceived by: Ela Jurdana, Ana Filep
Year: 2017

Price: 15.00 kn

A Statistical - Topographic Questionnaires for the Territory of Banska Hrvatska and Vojna Krajina from 1850 and 1858

Conceived by: Ela Jurdana
Year: 2016

Price: 30.00 kn

"Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski – The Initiator of Croatian Identity"

Year: 2016

Price: 160.00 kn

Faces of War

Conceived by: Ivica Nevešćanin
Year: 2016

Price: 40.00 kn

The Homeland War (animated map)

Conceived by: Matea Brstilo Rešetar; Ivica Nevešćanin; Andreja Smetko
Year: 2015

Price: 28.00 kn

Images of the Great War - workbook

Conceived by: Ana Filep, Jelena Hotko, Marina Bregovac Pisk
Year: 2014

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