The Croatian Lands and the French Revolution

Year: 1989

Price: 63.00 kn

The Heritage of Vinodol

Year: 1988

Price: 42.00 kn

Sports Badges and Medals before the Universiade 87

Conceived by: Jelena Borošak Marijanović; Boris Prister
Year: 1987

Price: 5.00 kn


Conceived by: Boris Prister
Year: 1984

Price: 50.00 kn

Ottoman Weapons

Conceived by: Marija Šercer
Year: 1983

Price: 25.00 kn

Portraits, 16th-18th Century

Conceived by: Marijana Schneider
Year: 1982

Price: 53.00 kn

Old Measures

Conceived by: Maja Škiljan
Year: 1975

Price: 16.00 kn

Ivan Zasche, Painter

Conceived by: Marijana Schneider
Year: 1975

Price: 53.00 kn

The Peasant Rebellion 1573

Year: 1973

Price: 10.00 kn

The Burgenland Croats from the Sixteenth Century to the Present

Conceived by: Mirko Valentić
Year: 1970

Price: 10.00 kn

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