Museum mission

The fundamental task of the Croatian History Museum is to preserve and communicate the national historical heritage, and it does so by gathering and safeguarding the material testimony to Croatian history, which undergoes scholarly and scientific processing and analysis, systematizing museum collections and the associated information and documentation, and documenting and interpreting the history of the Croatian people and the people who live in Croatia in contemporary museum presentations within the context of European social events from the early Middle Ages to the modern day. 

By means of interdisciplinary, complementary research into authentic museum materials, the Croatian History Museum gathers information and engenders knowledge on Croatia’s past for the purpose of trustworthy articulation and comprehensive museological presentation of Croatian history.

Based on the new solution for the permanent exhibition in the Jelačić Palace (Grič 3) and the stay in the Vojković-Oršić-Kulmer-Rauch Palace (Matoševa 9), the spatial conditions will, for the first time, enable the realization of the national history museum in full, its educational function and the goal of its public activities - education of children, youth and citizens, getting to know the history of its own people in order to understand the present, to comprehend and adopt the fact that Croatian national identity was shaped in relation to the peoples living in our environment, that we received and mediated cultural, economic and other civilizational heritage, which is clearly visible from the preserved Croatian cultural heritage.

Vlaho Bukovac: Croatian National Revival, 1896, HPM/PMH-19063

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